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StarratS of UfotofU

A trio that plays Rock Music tainted by Funk, Punk, Blues, Folk, Stoner & Metal.

We make quirky and nerdy concept albums in a time when people only listen to singles.

Formally formed in August 2014.

Started writing songs for a concept album September 2014.

Recorded the album «#DuckRock» in February 2015.

Launch of the blog in July 2015.

Started writing songs for the next concept album in January 2016.

Release Concert for «#DuckRock» March 11th 2016 @ Magneten, Torshov, Oslo.

Vinyl Release Concert for “#DuckRock” June 18th 2016 @ MIR, Grünerløkka, Oslo.

IZP001LP #DuckRock (InZenProductions 2016)

The concept album "#DuckRock - a Tribute to Duck Artists Anywhere..."

Duck Rock (sometimes shortened as Drock) is a genre of rock music that was developed during the fall of 2014. Duck Rock bands are characterized by their performances and humorous songs about the Duckburg Universe, and the songs are often written from the point of view of a particular character from the comic books.

In contrast to mainstream bands that have some songs incorporating literary references among a wider repertoire of music (notably Led Zeppelin to The Lord of the Rings), Duck Rock bands take their inspiration entirely from the Duckburg universe. Although most listeners of the genre mainly are fans of Donald Duck, the Duckburg universe, Carl Barks and Don Rosa, some bands have attracted listeners outside of the comic books fan base.

Duck Rock initially started in Oslo, Norway, with the session project «StarratS of UfotofU»but the scene has grown internationally.

Duck Rock embraces “Do It Yourself”- ethics, with bands funding and self-producing their recordings, guerrilla marketing and distributing them through online social networking channels.

When performing live, duck rock bands often homage the characteristic look of the many duck characters by playing without pants.

Source: a fictional Wikipedia entry.


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