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About Honeyroll

No sales pitch, just Rock and roll.

Honeyroll is energetic, catchy and captures the essence of rock and roll - both musically and lyrically. The albums and live shows celebrate the power of rock and roll - and is a tribute to all the rock fans around the world. 

This is straight forward, no bullshit, rock and roll with a groove.

Honeyroll have released two albums: ‘Worth your money’ in 2013 and ‘Time To Rock’ in 2015.

Honeyroll have been active since 2009. There have beens some changes in the line up along the way, but the current line up is sounding better than ever.


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Worth your money

Released on October 4th 2013

  1. Power of Rock N´Roll (3:25)

  2. Never Compromise (3:37)

  3. Worth Your Money (4:37)

  4. Shit Hot (5:35)

  5. Down With Love (2:53)

  6. Right to the Flesh (4:12)

  7. Fire Down Below (3:46)

  8. Chains (3:41)

  9. Magic (5:06)

Total Playing Time: 37:02

Time to Rock

Released on October 1st 2015

  1. Time to Rock (4:58)

  2. Whiskey Women (3:43)

  3. To the City (4:18)

  4. Bottoms Up (3:31)

  5. Rock ´n´Roll Animal (5:15)

  6. Every Stage (4:49)

  7. Backbones of Society (5:02)

  8. Hurricane Blues (4:56)

  9. Just a Ride (3:28)

  10. Royal Party (3:58)

  11. Honeyroll (3:25)

Total Playing Time 47:23

fuck that’s awesome
— Drechen Lard in The youtube comment section
This is music like we all used to love. Good times are always here when albums like this still get produced.
It’s time to rock.
— Ross Welford @ www.uberrock.co.uk
Ни о чем.
— Влад Скворцов in the youtube comment section
Some real rock n roll for a change!
— KJ Schneider in the youtube comment section