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All Hail Belsehog!
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We create Concept Albums in a time when everyone listens to singles.

Premium Progressive Rock, Metall and Punk with a well incorporated lyrical theme.

You will never fly alone.

In February 2018 we recorded the album #FringeRock in Ambertone Studios, Oslo. The album is now in post production and will be released soon - release dates TBA.

#FringeRock is a concept album exploring the fringes of the internet where Tribalist Truthers, Alternative Media Activists, Government Shrills, Trolls and Bots fill the comment sections of the cult like conspiracy communities…

The Visual part of #FringeRock can be read in InZenZine issue 2 & 3. Links to Issue:

Chapter 1: Down Some Random Rabbit Hole.

Chapter 2: Ars Esoterica, Connecting all the Dots.


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