BHD2 Cover.png

Black Hawks Dawn 2

by Black Hawks Dawn

Narrative: “After traveling all summer and doing odd jobs and seasonal work Jack and June rented an appartement in Åndalsnes. Jack worked as a conductor at the Rauma railroad and June worked as a waitress at Trollstigen Fjellstove until the tourist season was over and the road closed for the winter. "Breadcrumbs" is the only track they managed to record while living there, and as the first snow fell that winter they left Åndalsnes and headed south. After a few days binge drinking in Bergen June became friends with - and joined - a group of vegan ceramicists with their own commune and work shop on an isolated island in Austevåg where she could make wheel thrown ashtrays. The meat loving Jack didn’t really get along with that crowd and travelled solo for a while until he found his dream gig training chimpanzes in “The Fabulous Vygotskijs Motorcycle Variety Road Show”.

Written by Hans Marius & Camilla.

Camilla - Vocals

Hans Marius - All Instruments & Backing Vocals

Recorded in a tiny loft apartment in Valkyriegata 11, Majorstua, Oslo, in November 2006.

First published on Urørt.